A Través de Mi Ventana / Through My Window
A Través de Mi Ventana / Through My Window
Godoy, Ariana
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Condition: New, UPC: 9788420451916, Publication Date: Sat, January 1, 2022, Type: Paperback ,
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que está triunfando en Wattpad!
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Raquel lleva toda la vida loca por Ares, su atractivo y misterioso vecino. Lo observa sin ser vista desde su ventana y es que, muy a su pesar, no han intercambiado ni una triste palabra. Lo que Raquel no sabe es que eso está a punto de cambiar...

Ares comenzará a cruzarse en su camino hasta en los lugares más inesperados y descubrirá que, en realidad, Raquel no es la niña inocente que creía.

Ahora, Raquel tiene muy claro su objetivo: conseguir que Ares se enamore de ella. Por supuesto, no está dispuesta a perderlo todo por el camino, y mucho menos a sí misma...

De Ariana Godoy, la autora de Heist: Cazar o ser cazado, llega este éxito internacional de Wattpad: un magnético juego de seducción que te tendrá atrapado en sus redes, ahora con nuevas escenas sobre los secretos de Ares.


The hugely successful young adult novel from Wattpad is finally in print!

Now in Netflix!

Raquel has been head over heels for Ares, her attractive and mysterious neighbor, all her life. She watches him from her window without being seen, and much to her regret, they have not even exchanged a single word. What Raquel doesn't know is that this is about to change...

Ares starts to cross paths with her even in the most unexpected places, and will soon discover that in reality, Raquel is not the innocent girl he thought she was.

Now, Raquel is very clear about her goal: to make Ares fall in love with her. However, she is not willing to lose everything along the way, much less lose herself...

From Ariana Godoy, author of Heist: Hunt or Be Hunted, comes this international Wattpad hit: a magnetic game of seduction that will have you trapped in its web. It includes new scenes about Ares' secrets.


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