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Programming in F#: Unlock New Possibilities

It is said that spoken languages shape thoughts by their inclusion and exclusion of concepts, and by structuring them in different ways. Similarly, programming languages shape solutions by making some tasks easier and others less aesthetic. Using F# instead of C# reshapes software projects in ways that prefer certain development styles and outcomes, changing what is possible and how it is achieved.
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The Metropolitan Museum Free to Use Art

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Why we don't sell big name brands

Yellow Tail.   Kendall Jackson.   La Crema.   Franzia.   Woodbridge.   Sutter Home. You will not find these brands at City Wine.  Why?  After all they are the best-selling brands in the world.  It is true that people come in to the store asking if we sell these wines from time to time (not very often, really).   We claim to not...
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Why some musicians fail and what you can do about

Any musician trying to make in today business has surely heard all the common naysaying comments that disbelievers will throw out. "Music is just a hobby," or "You can't make a living as a musician," and, of course, "You'll never be famous" and "The chances of getting a record deal are one to nothing." What the successful musician knows is that the industry is not music industry of the mid-20th century anymore and there is an infinite...
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Is the cassette tape coming back

It has likely been quite a while since you listened to a tape player. Sometime in the early 90’s we switched our cassettes for CD’s and after that got rid of all of it for convenient, efficient MP3 players.  Mixtapes have come to represent a conceptual idea of a series of songs rather than an actual physical tape.   In 2007 the British tabloid The Sun declared the official death of the cassette tape because a major UK electronics dealer had...

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