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Programming in F#: Unlock New Possibilities

It is said that spoken languages shape thoughts by their inclusion and exclusion of concepts, and by structuring them in different ways. Similarly, programming languages shape solutions by making some tasks easier and others less aesthetic. Using F# instead of C# reshapes software projects in ways that prefer certain development styles and outcomes, changing what is possible and how it is achieved.
shared by Andreas Taber

Discovering Darrell Wilson and the Soul Outsiders

How does a kick ass musician get discovered when his/her main platform is the street?  Read on ... During a recent business trip to Nashville, Tennessee, my wife and I explored the sounds of the music capital:  the Grand Ole Opry, Tootsies and the renowned Broadway Strip.  I'm not much of a country music fan except for the old school sounds of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggert ... and great pickers like
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The Metropolitan Museum Free to Use Art

shared by City Wine of Denver

Why we don't sell big name brands

Yellow Tail.   Kendall Jackson.   La Crema.   Franzia.   Woodbridge.   Sutter Home. You will not find these brands at City Wine.  Why?  After all they are the best-selling brands in the world.  It is true that people come in to the store asking if we sell these wines from time to time (not very often, really).   We claim to not...
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Why some musicians fail and what you can do about

Any musician trying to make in today business has surely heard all the common naysaying comments that disbelievers will throw out. "Music is just a hobby," or "You can't make a living as a musician," and, of course, "You'll never be famous" and "The chances of getting a record deal are one to nothing." What the successful musician knows is that the industry is not music industry of the mid-20th century anymore and there is an infinite...
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Is the cassette tape coming back

It has likely been quite a while since you listened to a tape player. Sometime in the early 90’s we switched our cassettes for CD’s and after that got rid of all of it for convenient, efficient MP3 players.  Mixtapes have come to represent a conceptual idea of a series of songs rather than an actual physical tape.   In 2007 the British tabloid The Sun declared the official death of the cassette tape because a major UK electronics dealer had...
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Big dreams in the music streaming services sector

One of the hot topics for music investors today is the quandary of streaming music services. Investors want to know if they can, in fact, generate revenue. Though the industry has been rife with slow growth, financial officers from top companies eagerly assure investors of the promise of the music streaming business.   The services have been around for a while, and are growing fast. Pandora hit the market a decade ago. Rdio came out in 2012, Spotify in 2011....
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Audiophiles rejoice new high-quality formats

It was over 25 years ago that, “Electric Barberalla” by Duran Duran was downloaded over the Internet, becoming the first single purchased online. The innovators had no idea that the technology that allowed digital music to be compressed small enough to trade over the Internet would ever become the industry format it is today.   MP3 has certainly become the predominant format that we listen to today, but many people are getting sick of the low quality...
shared by City Wine of Denver

Best Wine Store in Denver

What does it mean to be the best wine store, or one of the best?  Last week, City Wine came in #4 in the entire city for "Best Wine Shop" on the ALIST.  The #1 and #2 spots were both the same business (2 locations), and they are actually not even wine retail stores (they are wineries and wine bars).  Better than Argonaut.  Better than Applejack, who probably does more business in one day than we do in a entire year. Does it mean...
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Artist Profile: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is one the top names in pop today. This groundbreaking artist has been topping charts and starting global style trends since her tracks first hit the media. New York Times has stated she is one of the most influential female rappers of all time, and Minaj was the first female MC on MTV's Annual Hottest MC List.  Minaj was born Onike Tanya Maraj in Trinidad and was...
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Posthumous Performers: The Future of Live Arts?

I remember watching live coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign when, all of the sudden, Will.I.Am (of Black Eyed Peas fame) appeared across from Anderson Cooper in the CNN studio as a “hologram.” Technical details aside, it appeared that Will.I.Am was being beamed in from elsewhere to give his thoughts “in person,” rather than the old school way of cutting to a video...
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The Merits of Windowing in the Music Industry

Windowing, the practice of withholding a release from on-demand streaming services (Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, etc. but not Pandora) during its initial release period in the hopes that consumers will turn to more lucrative consumption methods instead, is a hotly debated and very frustrating topic. You can guess the party lines right now – streaming services think the practice is “wrong-headed” and “hostile”, and major artists aren’t satisfied...
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Vinyl Sales are Skyrocketing, but Why?

Time and technology have a pretty straightforward relationship: the latter evolves over the former, leaving once innovative products to become obsolete. Computers, sports equipment, transportation, you name any manmade object and chances are that the newer it is, the more perceived quality it has.  This is not the case with vinyl records.  Vinyl was innovative in the 50’s, then the norm for much of the 3 immediately following decades. CD’s stole...
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Why Won't the CD Die?

The CD was revolutionary when it was introduced. What’s not to like about enhanced audio quality, slim design, and computer importability? These attributes were heartily enjoyed for years and years until the CD lost its luster. Now, after another year in which CD sales declined in the double digits (2012 saw the decline at 13.5%), the once holy grail format is hanging on for dear life.   You don’t need to be even remotely involved with the music ...
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Changing My Tune on Music Streaming Services

The way we consume music is undergoing its most dramatic shift since the idea of owning pre-recorded music was introduced in the early 20th century. If streaming wins out—and this writer thinks it will—no longer will purchasing music to own it be the status quo. (Most of you reading this probably ditched that status quo a decade ago anyway.) Instead, the mainstream music consumption method will become what many progressive music fans are becoming addicted...
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Making it in Music in the 21st Century

There’s still no simple formula to success for those who want to spend their lives creating music on stage in front of throngs of adoring fans. However, if there’s any semblance of answer to making this age-old pursuit more realistic, it can most certainly be said that it’s changed in the last 50 years – in some ways for the better and in other ways for the worse.     At the dawn of pop music, being “discovered” literally
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Why is a Musician's First Work Usually their Best

How many times have you loved an artist’s debut EP or full length only to be disappointed in follow up releases? Or what about when an artist has a breakthrough album and everything that follows is subpar, regardless of whether or not that breakthrough was a debut? If you’re anything like me, it happens all the time. And I think I know why: bad times make good music.   It starts with age, but that’s not where it ends. So many artists are...
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Disco Never Died

Dance music has taken over the modern pop scene. Whether you are listening to Rap & Hip Hop, Top 40 Pop,  or edgy indie music, everything has been influenced by the current dance craze. Cross-genre hits feature four–on-the-floor beats, sampling, remixing,  and infectious dance melodies. Some may wonder where this current fascination with dance music came from and the answer lies in the afro’d, bell bottomed, and polyestered disco era of the 1970’s
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Blurred Lines of the Modern Music Industry

If you’ve listened to the radio or turned on the TV in the past two months you’ve surely heard one of the hottest new pop anthems Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.   Newcomer Thicke teams up with Pharrel Williams to produce the single that has been blowing up the charts. Thicke can look forward to many years of attention & hype around any subsequent releases with this sort of attention. You would think that a surefire hit-maker like Robin...
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Audiophiles & Collectors: We are YOU

Do you know all the hot new releases & possess a categorical memory for classic recordings? Does your media collection include music, DVD's, & literature spanning decades of culture & entertainment? Do you own more media than furniture, cookware and pairs of socks combined?   Then NoteMote is the online platform for you!   At NoteMote we know audiophiles & collectors. With over 300,000 individual titles and a daily increase in...
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