Every year, Guitar Town holds a 3 day FREE event that features performances by legendary guitarists such as Richard Thompson, Bruce Cockburn, Albert Lee, Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson and many others. Located in beautiful Copper Mountain, guitar loyalists like myself think nothing of the short 1.5 hour trek from Denver to hear some outstandingly wonderful jams. Anyone who has ever sat in the Colorado Rockies underneath the mid-day sun dining on a buffalo burger, drinking a locally brewed beer and rocking to some great tunes, fully appreciates what it means to have a great weekend. 

I don't always have the time nor the inclination to attend. I am still bummed that I didn't get the chance to see Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton. For jazz/fusion guitar lovers, they rank among the best of the best. FYI, I'm listening to and loving Weather Report's Live and Unreleased (sadly, it's no longer produced) as I'm writing this entry. Zawinul and Shorter were brilliant together.  Ooops, I digressed. I meant to tell you about the needle in a haystack i.e. the string king in the mountain that I discovered back in 2012:  Phil Brown.  From the very first note to the final bow/bend, I knew I was in nirvana. I love Frank Marino and Robin Trower because of the way they added to the Hendrix/RnBidiom; however, they and many others can learn a thing or two from Mr. Badass Guitar. The combination of that Jeff Beck/Jimi Hendrix sound with an overtly sexy R&B voice, make Phil one of my new favorites.

May 7, 2020


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  • A dear friend reminded me that today is Robin Trower's birthday. 🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!!!🎈  I wish you another 76 years. Are you sitting at the bottom of the stairs?  I want to share a song with you that you shared with us many years ago:  Birthday Boy.

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