The Heart Of Milton Book One: Poetry Love Reflection
The Heart Of Milton Book One: Poetry Love Reflection
Batson, Milton Joseph
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Condition: New, UPC: 9781662822612, Publication Date: Wed, September 1, 2021, Type: Hardcover ,
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2Milton Joseph Batson has been chronicling his life experiences in poetic form and reflections since childhood, brilliantly describing inner thoughts about faith and human emotions as he traces the changes from childhood through maturity, writing from the perspectives of both a child and an adult, traveling through the various seasons of life. In The Heart Of Milton, Poetry, Love, Reflection Book One, the author's inspiring and expressive words are grouped into seven heartwarming, revealing sections that cover Forever Love; Mother and father; Children; Other Loves; My Country; Thoughts And More; culminating with Prayer. Dates beneath the poems and reflections help chronical Milton's experiences, and increased understanding, which work hand-in-hand as someone grows in spiritual exploration, faith, and ability to better comprehend life's many twisty pathways. As a little thought-provoking addition, he drew sketches and placed them above a few corresponding poems intended as pictorial puzzles paraphrasing portions of the poem; and dated his literary works in descending chronological order by date, to enable the reader to visualize changes in thinking and literary ability throughout the aging process. Milton Joseph Batson began writing poems and stories at an early age. This is his first book of poetry and reflection. Growing up he lived in the small island community of Eastport, Maine, with its Huckleberry Finn-type activities, and his grandparent's home on Campobello Island Canada. Milton served in the US. Air Force's Space and Missile Program for twenty years, after earning a degree in Applied Science/Industrial Technology from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He spent time bringing intercontinental ballistic missile silos to launch ready status in North Dakota and served at Vandenberg Air Force Base California in operational testing and preparing intercontinental ballistic missiles for test launches. After his U.S. Air Force career Milton worked twenty-one more years as a Disabled Veteran's Outreach Program specialist for the state of California, helping thousands of veterans transition back into civilian life, find jobs, and obtain other needed assistance through the federal Department of Veteran Affairs. He and his wife Panela live on the central coast of California, a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean. They have seven children and twenty two and 4/5th grandchildren.

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