Mi Vida Con Los Santos = My Life with the Saints
Mi Vida Con Los Santos = My Life with the Saints
Martin, James
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Para el padre James Martin, SJ los Santos son mucho m s que estatuas de yeso, son amigos personales En Mi vida con los Santos James Martin nos presenta una conmovedora experiencia respect a su relaci n con los Santos -desde Mar a, la madre de Jes s, hasta San Francisco o la Madre Teresa- y la manera personal en la que ha side dirigido por los heroes de la Iglesia a lo largo de toda su vida. El padre James nos presenta v vidos y encantadores relatos de los Santos m s populares, permiti ndonos ver no solo su santidad, sino su humanidad. A partir de esta experiencia descubrimos la llamada y posibilidad de vivir la santidad en nuestra propia humanidad.

James Martin has led an entirely modern life: from a lukewarm Catholic childhood, to an education at the Wharton School of Business, to the executive fast track at General Electric, to ministry as a Jesuit priest, to a busy media career in Manhattan. But at every step he has been accompanied by some surprising friends--the saints of the Catholic Church. For many, these holy men and women remain just historical figures. For Martin, they are intimate companions. "They pray for me, offer me comfort, give me examples of discipleship, and help me along the way," he writes.

The author is both engaging and specific about the help and companionship he has received. When his pride proves trouble­some, he seeks help from Thomas Merton, the monk and writer who struggled with egotism. In sickness he turns to Th r se of Lisieux, who knew about the boredom and self-pity that come with illness. Joan of Arc shores up his flagging courage. Aloysius Gonzaga deepens his compassion. Pope John XXIII helps him to laugh and not take life too seriously.

Martin's inspiring, witty, and always fascinating memoir encompasses saints from the whole of Christian history-- from St. Peter to Dorothy Day. His saintly friends include Francis of Assisi, Ignatius of Loyola, Mother Teresa, and other beloved figures. They accompany the author on a lifelong pilgrimage that includes stops in a sunlit square of a French town, a quiet retreat house on a New England beach, the gritty housing projects of inner-city Chicago, the sprawling slums of Nairobi, and a gorgeous Baroque church in Rome. This rich, vibrant, stirring narrative shows how the saints can help all of us find our way in the world.


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