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Condition: New, UPC: 8072800221932, Publication Date: 02/19/2002, Type: DIGITAL VIDEO DISC, Style: CLASSICAL/CHRISTMAS / CHANUKKAH,
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El Niño - An Opera By John Adams
Opening Credits
Part One
1. I Sing For A Maiden
Text By
– "Mai Mai Mai Mai ... Maiden" (2 Countertenors, Chorus)
2. Hail, Mary, Gracious!
Adapted By (Text)
– "Hail, Mary, Gracious!" (Male Ensemble, Soprano)
3. La Anunciación
Words By
– "Porque Desde El Principio" (Mezzo-Soprano)
"Porque Desde El Principio" (Mezzo-Soprano)
"He Aquí Que Te Anuncias" (Mezzo-Soprano)
4. For With God No Thing Shall Be Impossible
Text By
– "For With God No Thing Shall Be Impossible" (Chorus)
5. The Babe Leaped In Her Womb
Text By
– "And Mary Said, Behold The Handmaid Of The Lord" (Male Ensemble, Chorus)
6. Magnificat
Text By
– "And Mary Said, My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord" (Male Ensemble, Soprano, Female Chorus)
7. Now She Was Sixteen Years Old
Text By
– "Now She Was Sixteen Years Old" (Male Ensemble, Baritone, Soprano)
8. Joseph's Dream
Text By
– "Then Joseph Feared Greatly" (Baritone, Male Ensemble)
Interlude (Orchestra, Dancer)
9. Shake The Heavens
Text By
– "For Thus Saith The Lord" (Baritone, Chorus)
"They Drew Near To Bethlehem" (Male Ensemble, Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano)
10. Se Habla De Gabriel
Text By
– "Como Todos Los Huéspedes Mi Hijo, Mi Hijo Me Estorbaba" (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano)
"Fea, Enferma, Aburrida" (Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano)
"[Consentí.] Y Por La Herida En Que Partío" (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano)
"Now I, Joseph, Was Walking About" (Baritone)
11. The Christmas Star
Text By
– "A Little Girl Comes Running" (Chorus)
"People Shout At Her And She Won't Let It Go" (Mezzo-Soprano, Male Ensemble, Chorus, Soprano, Baritone)
"[O Quam Preciosa Est Virginitas Virginis] Huius Que Clausam Portam Habet" (Chorus, Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone)
Part Two
12. Pues Mi Dios Ha Nacido A Penar
Words By
– "Pues Mi Dios Ha Nacido A Penar" (Mezzo-Soprano, Chorus)
13. When Herod Heard
Text By
– "Now When Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem Of Judaea" (Baritone, Male Ensemble)
14. Woe Unto Them That Call Evil Good
Text By
– "Woe Unto Them That Call Evil Good" (Chorus, Baritone)
15. And The Star Went Before Them
Text By
– "When They Had Heard The King, They Departed" (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone)
16. The Three Kings
Words By
– "I Am Gaspar. I Have Brought Frankincense" (Male Ensemble, Soprano)
17. And When They Were Departed
Text By
– "And When They Were Departed" (Chorus)
18. Dawn Air
Translated By
– "My Soul's Above The Sea" (Baritone)
19. And They Slew All The Children
Text By
– "Then Herod, When He Saw That He Was Mocked By The Wise Men" (Chorus)
20. Memorial De Tlatelolco
Words By
– "La Oscuridad Engendra La Violencia" (Soprano)
"Nadie. Nadie" (Soprano)
"No Hurgues En Los Archivos" (Chorus, Soprano)
"Mas He Aquí Que Toco Una Llaga" / "Recuerdo, Recordamos" (Soprano, Chorus)
21. In The Day Of The Great Slaughter
Text By
– "And There Shall Be Upon Ev'ry High Mountain" (Chorus)
22. Pues Está Tiritando
Words By
– "Pues Está Tiritando Amor En El Hielo" (Baritone, Chorus, Mezzo-Soprano)
23. Jesus And The Dragons
Text By
– "They Came To A Certain Cave And Wanted To Rest In It" (Male Ensemble, Soprano)
24. A Palm Tree
Text By
– "And So It Happened, That On The Third Day After Their Departure" (Male Ensemble, Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone)
"Señora De Los Vientos, Garza De La Llanura" (Children's Chorus, Baritone)


The World Première Production
From the Théatre Musical de Paris - Chatelet

Includes Making Of, Interviews and 36 page booklet in German, English and French

Sound Format: PCM Stereo | Dolby Digital 5.0 | DTS 5.0
Subtitles: GB, F, SP, JP
Picture Format: 16:9
Region Code: 0
Running Time: 147 min (Opera: 119 min; Making Of: 28 min)

Made in Germany

An RM ASSOCIATES / LGM / Théâtre Musical de Paris - Châtelet / France 3 / BBC / Mezzo Co-production with the assistance of Centre National de la Cinématographie in association with KINOWELT HOME ENTERTAINMENT / Online classics plc.


Administrator [Administrateur Général Of The Théâtre Musical De Paris - Châtelet], Producer [Associate Producer]
– - Jacques Hédouin
Baritone Vocals – - Willard White
Cameraman – - Andre Barnardine , - Andre De Martini , - Daniel Guinand , - Isabelle Frelat , - Marie Fauvel , - Olivier Audiger , - Richard Devoucoux
Choir – - Maîtrise De Paris Children's Choir *
Chorus – - London Voices
Co-producer [Stage Production Co-produced By] – - Barbican Centre London *, - Lincoln Center New York *, - San Francisco Symphony *, - Théâtre Musical De Paris - Châtelet
Composed By, Libretto By, Interviewee – - John Adams
Conductor, Interviewee – - Kent Nagano
Coordinator [Production Co-ordinator] – - Pascale Sourdiaux (2)
Coordinator [Technical Co-ordinator] – - Donna Lambert
Countertenor Vocals [Theatre Of Voices] – - Brian Cummings (3) , - Daniel Bubeck , - Steven Rickards
Design – - Arthaus Musik GmbH
Design [Costumes By] – - Leon Wieber
Director Of Photography – - Ed Lachman
Editor – - William Murphy (7)
Editor [Online Editor] – - Steve Jamison (3)
Electronics [Chief Electrician] – - Simon Maunder
Engineer [Engineering Manager] – - Daniel Hugon , - Mark Dunning
Engineer [Sound Producer For Radio France] – - Paul Malinowski (2)
Ensemble – - Theatre Of Voices
Executive-Producer – - Whitney Green
Executive-Producer [BBC] – - Frances Whitaker
Executive-Producer [LGM] – - Yves Rolland
Executive-Producer [RMA] – - Jane Seymour (2)
Film Director [Directed For Video By] – - Peter Maniura
Libretto By, Directed By [Directed For The Stage By], Interviewee – - Peter Sellars
Lighting – - James F. Ingalls
Lighting Director – - John Burgess (13)
Liner Notes – - Guido Johannes Joerg
Management [Directeur Général Of The Théâtre Musical De Paris - Châtelet] – - Jean-Pierre Brossmann
Management [Floor Manager] – - Jo Curtis , - Luc Vanden Bosch (2)
Mezzo-soprano Vocals – - Lorraine Hunt Lieberson
Mixed By [Vision Mixer] – - Alison Bartrop
Music Director [Children's Choir] – - Patrick Marco
Music Director [London Voices] – - Terry Edwards (2)
Music Director [Theatre Of Voices] – - Paul Hillier
Musical Assistance – - Sarah Plummer
Orchestra, Co-producer [Stage Production Co-produced By] – - Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin *
Performer [Dancer] – - Daniela Graça , - Michael Schumacher (5) , - Nora Kimball
Performer [Joseph] – - Pete Galindo
Performer [Mary] – - Martha Carrillo
Performer [Musician] – - Robert Tovar , - William Branch (3)
Performer [Newborn Baby] – - Angel Melody Chavez
Performer [Shepherd] – - Alex Miramontes , - Omar Gomez (2)
Performer [Wise Man] – - Francisco Hernandez (7) , - Gloria Alvarez , - Yreina D. Cervantez
Photography By – - Catherine Ashmore
Producer – - Colin Wilson (8)
Production Manager – - Kamel Kezadri , - Nicola Musto
Production Manager [Production Assistant] – - Anita Gordon (2)
Soprano Vocals, Interviewee – - Dawn Upshaw
Sound Designer [Sound Concept & Creation] – - Mark Grey
Supervised By [Sound Supervisor] – - Andy Rose


Copyright Arthaus Musik GmbH
Copyright RM Associates
Copyright Thtre Musical De Paris Chtelet
Copyright BBC
Copyright France 3
Copyright Mezzo TV
Published By Boosey amp Hawkes
Recorded At Thatre Du Chtelet, Paris

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