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Condition: New, UPC: 6843400015922, Publication Date: 03/07/2006, Type: COMPACT DISC, Style: POP/ROCK,
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Behind The Counter
Why Are People Grudgeful
City Dweller
Three Points
The Aphid
The Remixer
Bonkers In Phoenix
Cab Driver
$500 Bottle Of Wine
Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room
Life Just Bounces
Noel's Chemical Effluence
Ten Points

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Funk Shui Debut Album: True

Back in 2003, I created a group known as Funk Shui, a Jazz, RnB, Funk and Rock group based in Denver, Colorado. The group consisted of a trio: drums, bass and guitar/vocalist, with myself as the guitarist, singer and songwriter.After many rehearsal nights, some gigging, lots of song writing and many hours recording in the studio, Funk Shui released its debut album:  TRUE.  From our posting, you can listen to the songs listed below.  The influences on the album are as follows:  Bob Marley, Santana, The Motown Funk Brothers, 70's Jazz Vibe from Chuck Mangione to George Benson and a bit of old school Heavy Rock (Pat Travers, Peter Frampton and more).  Arguably, we created a wonderful cornocopia of sounds that have been melded together to create something beautiful and unique.  Here's what had to say about it:  Blending soul, jazz and twangs of retro r'n'b, Funk Shui will light up the eyes of the Liquid Soul and Brand New Heavies fan. Funking it all the way from Denver, Colorado, these folks are quickly making a name for themselves the way they wrap up a well-seated groove with sassy vocals, a back-talking horn section and that trippy, psychedelic organ line giving "True" a zesty 70's vibe. Whether it's party music, chillin' music or sexy background seduction music you're after, these funkers bring the perfect mix of the hip, the trendy and the urban bounce while keeping it grounded, fun and casual. With all that to offer, they'll appeal to the jam band connoisseurs as well. Super fly.


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