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Funk Shui Debut Album: True

Back in 2003, I created a group known as Funk Shui, a Jazz, RnB, Funk and Rock group based in ...


Funk Shui Debut Album: True

Recorded in the Spring of 2004, True is Funk Shui's debut album.  Considered among the best of

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Uli Roth at the Soiled Dove Underground

Uli Roth is coming to Denver!!!  For those of us who love Jimi Hendrix and Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, this show is a real treat. Uli used to be the main ax man for the...


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Soulful Entertainment for Hire

Located in Denver, Colorado, Funk Shui can be hired to play at any of the following types of ...

  • Funk Shui, pronounced Funk Shway, is the brain child of Andreas Taber (guitars/vocals). Starting sometime in the spring of 2004, he put together a number of Colorado's most talented musicians to record True, our debut album.  Those

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  • A whole is greater than the sum of its parts ref.  Aristotle's statement is how I would describe myself.  Ever since I can remember, music has played a significant

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