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May 28, 2020

Application Developer Career Overview

Application Developer


The national average for an Application Developer is $91,574
In order to get in the field, Application Developers typically need to earn a four-year bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related subject such as Computer Engineering. 
Skills and Requirements: 
Application Developers are professionals who design, develop and deploy computer applications, i.e., apps for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. 
To be successful, Application Developers must understand the intricacies of mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, and the development environment and frameworks used to write software on those operating systems. 
Currently, there are five major mobile platforms, each with its own core language(s) and development environment:
 Mobile Platform   Core language(s)  Dev. Environment   Mobile Device 
 Android Java & Kotlin Eclipse Multiple Vendors 
 iOS (Apple) Objective C & Swift  Xcode Apple Devices
 RIM (Blackberry) Java Eclipse Blackberry
 Symbian  C++ Various choices Multiple Vendors 
 Windows Mobile  C# MS Visual Studio  Multiple Vendors 
Career-Boosting Skills 
Any skilled job has a wide spectrum of abilities and programming is no exception.  Developers who are fluent in object-oriented programming languages such as Java, Objective-C and C++ and know the terminology, concepts, best practices and can break a problem down, are ahead of the curve. 
How to Become an Application Developer Without a Degree?
Although companies prefer college credentials, what you really need to have is efficient software development skills, a solid understanding of the software development processes and lifecycles (this includes design-develop-test-release-maintain cycle) as well as a development methodology, platforms and environment. 
The best way to learn how to code is to write code. There are a ton of good books, video tutorials, blogs, stack-overflow answers, open-source projects out there. Many of them are free and readily available. Also, having a good mentor could cut months or years off experimental coding by learning the industry’s best practices from a pro. 



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